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‘Stronger than ever’ after aborted attempt, India spacecraft set for fresh moon launch
India will make a second attempt Monday to send a landmark spacecraft to the moon after an apparent fuel leak forced last week’s launch to ...
Japan’s ruling LDP-Komeito coalition set to win majority in Upper House
As polls closed for the Upper House election on Sunday night, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s ruling coalition looked set to control a majority of the ...
Demonstrators launch ‘Boris blimp’ during pro-EU rally near British Parliament
Opponents of Britain’s exit from the EU hoisted a “Boris blimp” portraying the U.K.’s likely next prime minister as a crying child as they demonstrated ...
Li Na sets new mark as first Asian-born player in Tennis Hall of Fame
Li Na has broken new ground at the International Tennis Hall of Fame.The 37-year-old former Chinese star became the first Asian-born player to be inducted ...
A diplomat’s ever-evolving role in a technological age
Name: Harold Forsyth Title: Ambassador of Peru URL: DoB: May 27, 1951 Hometown: Lima Years in Japan: 2 Peruvian Ambassador to Japan Harold Forsyth ...
Eating king Kobayashi bites back in new documentary
Takeru Kobayashi, the "godfather of competitive eating" recounts how he devoured the American dream, until it chewed him up and spat him out again.
Untapping the power that lies between fashion and costume
‘Fashion and costume can offer freedom, protection, power. Sometimes they can even change the world.”So says Chiaki Shimizu, a textile designer who is on a ...
Humanity is sure to come through for those on a modern pilgrimage
As I made my way up the steep road to Kakurin Temple — aka Temple No. 20, I realized how foolish I had been to ...
A dog with a kind heart and in need of a pal
This sweet little girl came to ARK a long time ago and, for no good reason, she’s still at the shelter. It seems she has ...
Take action to reinvigorate global trade
It is imperative that politicians and business strategists understand the causes of declining trade and what they can do about it.
South Korea foreshadows global slowdown
With countries such as South Korea leading the way, a new age of slow growth and increased dependency burdens is in the offing.
Pushing Turkey out of NATO is a terrible idea
The purchase of a Russian missile defense is a severe blow to the alliance, but losing a key member would be worse.
Hong Kong protesters call for inquiry into police tactics during previous demonstrations
Tens of thousands of people marched in Hong Kong on Sunday in another massive anti-government demonstration, this one principally calling for an independent investigation into ...
Manny Pacquiao beats Keith Thurman by split decision
Manny Pacquiao knocked down Keith Thurman in the first round and persevered for an exciting split-decision victory Saturday night, adding a third straight win to ...

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