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Bauhaus design marks 100 years as disputes over legacy continue to swirl
Bauhaus, the design school that left its mark on everything from teapots to tower blocks and iPhones to Ikea, marks its centenary this year, touching ...
Heavy scrutiny drives prospective Oscars hosts away
Hollywood’s biggest night — the Oscars — is set to take place next month without a host for the first time in 30 years, after ...
Deadly Mexican fuel blast poses president’s biggest test yet
A pipeline explosion north of Mexico City that killed at least 73 people has confronted President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador with the biggest crisis since ...
In Hawaii, Defense Minister Takeshi Iwaya says Japan is hoping for results from second U.S.-North Korea summit
The government Saturday welcomed the planned second summit between the United States and North Korea, expressing hope that tangible results will come from the talks ...
A scaled-down but still angry Women’s March returns
Amid internal controversies and a capital city deeply distracted by the partial government shutdown, the third Women’s March returned to Washington on Saturday with an ...
Not ‘partners’: Shinzo Abe and Vladimir Putin on collision course over islands at summit talks in Moscow
The leaders of Japan and Russia will hold crunch summit talks in Moscow on Tuesday, with the two countries locked in an undiplomatic war of ...
U.K.’s Prince Philip, 97, back to driving but without seatbelt
Britain’s Prince Philip has been spoken to by the police for driving without a seatbelt — just two days after the 97-year-old survived a car ...
Nonprofit groups help find safe homes for Japan’s abandoned pets
Life hasn’t been easy for Stella.The small kitten with scruffy fur and matching orange-tinted eyes was born in September and still has no home. Just ...
India’s electric vehicle goals being realized on two wheels, not four
Hurt by high fuel prices, Vinod Gore, a farmer in Gove village in the western Indian state of Maharashtra, ditched his petrol scooter for an ...
‘Beyond the Melting Pot’ sociologist and intellectual Nathan Glazer dies at 95
Sociologist Nathan Glazer, who assisted on a classic study of conformity, “The Lonely Crowd,” and co-authored a groundbreaking document of non-conformity, “Beyond the Melting Pot,” ...
Democratic switch in Venezuela constitutionally viable under revived assembly, analysts say
After an election victory slammed as fraudulent by the opposition and the international community, Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro has begun a new term that will ...
A Japanese city plans to ban plastic shopping bags, but can it push its larger neighbors to follow suit?
International concern over the environmental damage done by the use of plastic in various forms is now the topic of political and economic discussions across ...
Trump offers temporary ‘Dreamers’ deal for border wall funding
In a bid to break the shutdown stalemate, President Donald Trump on Saturday offered to extend temporary protections for young people brought to the U.S. ...
Phoenix woman ‘in a coma’ who gave birth is actually awake but has disabilities, lawyer says
A lawyer for the family of an incapacitated Arizona woman who gave birth in a long-term care facility said she is not in a coma, ...

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