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Government picks Osaka as venue for G-20 summit in 2019: sources
Osaka has been chosen as the venue for the summit meeting of the Group of 20 advanced and emerging economies in 2019 when Japan assumes ...
Nearly 200 dead in Syria enclave as U.N. warns situation ‘out of control’
Airstrikes hit Syria’s Eastern Ghouta for a third straight day on Tuesday, bringing the civilian death toll to nearly 200 as the U.N. warned the ...
Switzerland edges Smile Japan to earn fifth-place finish
Switzerland defeated Smile Japan 1-0 in the fifth-place game at the Kwandong Hockey Centre on Tuesday night.Evelina Raselli picked up a loose puck for a ...
Abe calls for foreign employment review to increase skilled workers
The government will consider expanding the scope of foreign nationals permitted to work in Japan as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called Tuesday for a review ...
U.S. Secret Service disputes report regarding China nuclear football ‘skirmish’
The U.S. Secret Service disputed Monday reports that one of its agents and White House Chief of Staff John Kelly wrestled with Chinese security officials ...
China angered by theft of terra-cotta warrior’s thumb from U.S. museum
The theft of a thumb from a displayed ancient terra-cotta warrior statue in the U.S. incited a wave of criticism on Chinese social media Tuesday, ...
Japan men, women curling squads stumble
The Japan men’s and women’s curling teams struggled on Tuesday, going down to powerhouses Canada and Great Britain, respectively, at the Pyeongchang Olympics.In the day’s ...
Challenges for Kuroda in his second term
In his second stint, BOJ Gov. Haruhiko Kuroda will face as many challenges as in his first term.
New entrance exam isn’t the right answer
The government is putting the cart before the horse by testing students' ability to think critically without first changing how they are taught.
Over half of Japan firms have no plans to raise base pay this year
More than half of Japan’s companies do not plan to raise base pay in annual wage talks in coming months, a setback for Prime Minister ...
It’s amateur hour in the Middle East
Most of the players in Syria don't even have a serious strategy, much less a clue about what they want as a final outcome.
Here’s who really matters at the Bank of Japan
Masayoshi Amamiya could provide Japan's central bank with much-needed room to maneuver.
The social media threat to society and security
Global regulation is needed to tame the growing menace that social media giants like Facebook and Google pose to the public and democracy.
What does the U.S. want in Syria?
The complexity of the Syria situation has far surpassed the world's ability to master it.

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