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Japanese men detained in Manila over alleged ¥1.5 billion phone scam brought to Japan
Nine of 36 Japanese men detained in Manila over alleged phone scams were transported to Japan and arrested by Tokyo police on Monday.The Tokyo Metropolitan ...
Shinjiro Koizumi and the new Japanese father
Shinjiro Koizumi joins the growing ranks of "ikumen," dads who challenge the norm of the Japanese father by taking stronger interest in raising their kids.
Endowed with the talent for understanding the Japanese structures using ‘nagara ni’
The structures "nagara ni" and "nagara no" are used in very specific ways in Japanese, which makes their comprehension slightly easier.
Japan railway firm to test anti-groping app on rush-hour trains
A Kyodo piece looks at the launch of a new smartphone app that is meant to alert passengers when there is a groper on the ...
Let’s discuss a drug scandal
Singer-songwriter Noriyuki Makihara is in hot water for alleged drug possession. What do you think needs to be done to deter people from using drugs?
U.S. CDC says Americans should avoid all nonessential travel to South Korea over coronavirus
Americans should avoid all nonessential travel to South Korea due to the coronavirus outbreak, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Monday.South ...
Nikkei plunges over 1,000 points as Tokyo markets reopen amid coronavirus fears
Tokyo stocks opened sharply lower Tuesday, with the Nikkei index briefly down 1,000 points to its lowest level since mid-October, after a broad sell-off due ...
Billion-year-old Chinese seaweed is oldest green plant fossil
Scientists have spotted in rocks from northern China what may be the oldest fossils of a green plant ever found, tiny seaweed that carpeted areas ...
‘He was my everything’: NBA’s Kobe Bryant mourned at emotional Los Angeles arena tribute
A gallery of basketball legends joined thousands of Kobe Bryant fans in Los Angeles on Monday to pay tribute to the transcendent NBA star, his ...
Lawyer for U.S. says Julian Assange put lives at risk but his side claims he’s target of Trump war on journalists
Julian Assange is wanted for crimes that put at risk the lives of people in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan who had helped the West, some ...
Russia wants to see us ‘tear ourselves apart’ ahead of election: FBI official
Russia wants to watch Americans “tear ourselves apart” as the United States heads toward elections, an FBI official warned Monday.David Porter, an assistant section chief ...
U.S. considering responses to China’s ‘egregious’ expulsion of American journalists
The United States is considering a range of responses to China’s “egregious act” of expelling three U.S. journalists last week, a spokesman for the White ...
Virus can still be beaten, too early to declare pandemic: WHO
The coronavirus outbreak can still be beaten, the World Health Organization said on Monday, insisting it was premature to declare it a pandemic even though ...
Turkish shelling kills nine regime personnel in Syria’s Idlib as fighting rages on: monitor
Turkish shelling Monday killed nine regime fighters in northwest Syria, where Ankara-backed rebels are fighting off advancing regime forces, a monitor said.Syrian regime forces have ...

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